10 Expert-Approved Makeup Tips for Skin Over 50

1. Start with skin care

Prepping the skin before putting on makeup is one of the best ways to get that smooth, bright, radiant look, no matter what age you are.

2.Try tinted moisturizer

She likes to use tinted moisturizer or BB cream on her mature face. She says that it makes skin look smoother while still letting it look like skin. "The days of wearing a full face mask and a lot of heavy makeup are over.

3. Be detailed when it comes to your eyebrows

As you get older, your eyebrows tend to get wild and thin, you lose the tail, and you start to get gray hairs."

4. Opt for a creamy blush

The high pigment and thick texture will give you a great flush that won't settle into fine lines.

5. Be mindful with powder products

Use a smaller brush to put transparent powder only on the T-zone." If you really want to wear powder. a "fluffy brush for precision application, avoiding areas with too many fine lines."

6. Find the right shimmer for you

In your 50s, a champagne-nude shimmer on the lid and a little bit under the brow bone looks great.

7. Choose the right eyeshadow shade 

Eyeshadow colors are not one size fits all.

8. Try a smokey eye

"A lot of women don't know how to use eyeshadow or do creative things with it, and after 50, you don't want to go too crazy on the shadow."


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