10 Fruits And Vegetables That Don't Taste Like They Used To

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Tomatoes: Many people feel that modern tomatoes lack the rich, sweet flavor of heirloom varieties. This is often attributed to breeding for traits.

Strawberries: Some individuals find that commercially grown strawberries can be bland compared to their wild or heirloom counterparts.

Apples: Modern apples are often bred for appearance, shelf life, and disease resistance rather than flavor. As a result, some varieties may lack the complex and intense flavors found.

Bananas: The modern Cavendish banana, which is the most commonly consumed variety worldwide, is often criticized for its lack of flavor compared to older banana.

Oranges: Many people feel that commercially grown oranges can be less flavorful than those grown in home gardens or picked fresh from local orchards.

Carrots: Some individuals find that modern carrots can be less sweet and flavorful compared to heirloom varieties. This may be due to selective breeding for size, shape.

Strains of Grapes: Some grape varieties used for mass production of table grapes or wine may lack the complex flavors found in heirloom or specialty grape varieties.

Corn: Modern sweet corn varieties are often criticized for their lack of sweetness and flavor compared to older varieties. 

Peppers: Some individuals find that commercially grown bell peppers can be less flavorful than heirloom or specialty pepper varieties.

Peaches: While modern peaches are often bred for traits like size, color, and firmness, some people feel that they can lack the intense sweetness and flavor of heirloom varieties.