10 Most Expensive Cities in the U.S. That Require a Small Fortune To Survive

1. New York City

Manhattan and Brooklyn are the two most expensive boroughs in New York City.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

The high cost of living in Honolulu and most of Hawaii is due to the large number of people who move there to live in what may be the most beautiful state in the U.S.

3. San Francisco

The state of California say that the median worth of a home in the San Francisco Bay Area is just under $1 million.

4. Los Angeles

California has seen more than 500,000 residents depart since approximately 2020, expensive cities like Los Angeles have taken large population hits.

5. Washington

The nation's capital isn't everyone's idea of paradise, but Kiplinger says that the typical home value in D.C. is just under $670,000.

6. San Diego

The high cost of living in a place where the median home price is nearly $838,000 makes homeowners and renters cringe.

7. Seattle

People who don't live in Seattle often hear about its unique kind of chaos, but the cost of living in Seattle isn't getting much better. 

8. Boston, MA

The cost of living in Boston is nearly 50% higher than the United States average.

9. Miami, Florida

Even by Florida standards, Miami has always been an expensive city, but the cost of living has gone through the roof since the pandemic.

10. Oakland

If you want to save money for retirement, you shouldn't live in the Bay Area. Oakland used to be San Francisco's cheaper next-door neighbor.


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