30 Textured Pixie Cuts for Stylish Transformation

Scribbled Underline

Slick back your textured pixie for sophistication.

Slick Pixie: 

Create a trendy pompadour with shorter sides and texture on top.

Modern Pompadour: 

Asymmetrical cuts with textured layers are fashionable.

Asymmetrical Pixie: 

Boldly color your textured pixie to stand out.

Bold Color: 

A silver or gray color will add depth to your textured pixie.

Silver Pixie: 

Add subtle highlights to highlight texture and layering.

Subtle Highlights 

Create a beachy texture with loose waves for relaxation.

Waves at the beach 

Retro-style your textured pixie with finger waves or pin curls.

Retro Pixie: 

For an edge, shave the sides and do a textured mohawk.

Mohawk Pixie: 

Part your textured pixie to the side for a sophisticated look.

Side-parted Pixie: 

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