10 Things Baby Boomers Enjoy Doing That Millennials Can’t Stand

Zooming In on Pictures

One person on Twitter said that they hate it when Baby Boomers zoom in on pictures. Boomers might do this to get a better look at something, but it often leads to photos that are very blurry and almost hard to see.

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Taking Pictures Very Close to Their Face

Another user doesn't get why baby boomers take pictures with their faces so close to the camera. Is it because they want to show how old they are?  Well, it's just a joke. 

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Using Outdated Slang Terms

Baby Boomers term phones "party lines" and emails "notes," which Millennials may not comprehend. They are notorious for utilizing antiquated lingo with Millennials. 

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Refusing to Learn to Use Technology

Another Twitter user said baby Boomers may struggle learning new technologies, especially for phones and computers. 

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Reliving Their Glorious Past

According to a tweet, one activity that doesn’t resonate with Millennials is when Baby Boomers relive their glorious past.

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Telling Stories That Take Forever to Get to the Point

Telling stories is something Baby Boomers take pride in.

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Complaining About Modern Culture

A user wondered why Baby Boomers complain about modern culture and how things are done. Boomers complain about how music, fashion, and technology have evolved since their time.

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Always Watching the News

Another tweet discussed Baby Boomers' news obsession. While staying informed is crucial, the user felt boomers fixate over every new article and detail. 

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Posting Their Bitmoji All Over Facebook

Another thing Millennials can’t stand is when Baby Boomers post their Bitmoji all over Facebook, especially the ones with a megaphone.

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Almost Always Using Their Phone Speaker

Baby Boomers' phone use seems outdated to several Twitter users. They claimed boomers blast the volume and use their phone speaker even when no one is around. 

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