10 Things Boomers Did Better That Millennials and Gen-Z Should Learn From

1. Work Ethic

Boomers are known for being hard workers who strive for success at work. They didn't mind working hard, and they often kept the same job for years.

2. Family Values

Boomers cared a lot about their families. They worked hard to take care of and provide for their families, but they also made time to spend valuable time with them. 

3. Frugality

The Baby Boomers were very thrifty. Even though they made a lot of money, they learned how to make do with what they had and what they needed. 

4. Lived in the Moment

Boomers weren't so busy with the hustle and bustle of everyday life that they couldn't stop to enjoy and live in the moment.

5. Respect for Authority

Most of the time, they did what the rules said to do and trusted those in charge to do what was right.

6. Financial Responsibility

They had a good handle on their money because they knew what it was worth and did what they needed to do to stay in the black. 

7. Appreciation for Nature

Boomers were often more rooted in their neighborhoods, which made them more aware of how much they needed nature to survive.

8. Respectful Communication

 They thought it was important to help people from different backgrounds get to know each other and build ties.

9. Self-Care

Boomers were better at taking care of themselves. They knew that taking care of their bodies was important for keeping their physical and mental health in good shape. 

10. Perseverance In Adversity

They kept going through hard times like world wars, economic downturns, and other things that might have made younger people give up.


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