10 Ways to Transform Your Life When Time Is Short


"Like dancing! It doesn't have to be good or even on beat. Just blast some music you love, sing along, and jump around like an idiot for 30 minutes. Feels amazing."

Eat Well

“Eating a good breakfast and packing a nutritious lunch makes a big difference for me.”

Make Your Bed

"Always start your day by making your bed. It's the first thing you've done that day that you can be proud of, which can motivate you to do the other things you need to do."

Coffee – Yum!

“I always take the time to make coffee really, really early in the morning.”


"Even if I only have 20–30 minutes, taking a short walk around my area helps me clear my mind and relax. I like to hear the sounds of the outdoors.

Give Yourself Extra Time In The Morning

"I set my alarm to go off 30 minutes before I need to get up. When the bell rings, my dog knows it's time to cuddle, and we have extra blankets.


"It makes me very happy to walk through it and see how it changes every day. And there's something really special about eating food you've grown yourself."

Cleaning The House

"Don't wait for the dishes to pile up, the laundry basket to fill up, the trash to overflow, or other disasters to happen so you have to do a big cleaning day.

Reading For Pleasure

"It's odd that I don't read at least a couple of chapters every day. The best place to relax in the world."

Taking A Shower

"While you're doing it, you can be mindful or thankful and imagine your stress leaving with the dirt. I take a shower every day, mostly to keep my mind healthy.


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