11 Drinking Habits Making You Gain Weight

Drinking sweetened tea

Some teas can stop you from feeling sick, lower your chance of getting diabetes, and even help you live longer. On the other hand, sweet tea or hot tea with a lot of sugar may do more harm than good.

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Choosing sugary, flavored coffee

When you go to Starbucks next, you might want to get a drink with fewer calories instead of what experts consider to be the worst drinks on the menu, like sugary, flavored coffee.

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Choosing the wrong water enhancements

Enhanced water can give you a boost of added vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

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Drinking sports drinks

Another drink that seems like it would be good for you is a sports drink. But if you're not an athlete or doing a lot of serious physical exercise, you might want to leave them on the store shelf.

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Drinking sugary fruit juice

You might think that drinking fruit juice is a good way to lose weight, but "Sugary drinks can make you hungrier."

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Not getting enough protein in your smoothies

Smoothies can be fabulous for your health if you choose the right ingredients.

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Drinking soda

Soda has a lot of added sugar, which not only adds calories but also makes you hungry." A 12-ounce serving has about 150 calories, 37 grams of sugar, and neither protein nor fiber."

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Regularly consuming too much alcohol

"Drinking alcohol regularly can make you feel sluggish and less likely to engage in physical activity," "disrupt the metabolism," and "interfere with sleep," while noting that "a lack of sleep or poor sleep quality is linked to weight gain."

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Drinking high-calorie beer

Even if you try to limit how much booze you drink, the drinks may still have an effect on your health and weight if you don't order a low-calorie beer.

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Enjoying sugary cocktails

Your favorite mixed drink might not be healthier than a beer with a lot of calories. The extra sugar in cocktails makes them more caloric.

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