11 Things Baby Boomers Did As Kids That Gen Z'ers Can't Relate To


Playing Outside Until Dark

Before computers and video games, baby boomers used to spend their afternoons playing outside with their neighbors until it got dark.


Using a Rotary Dial Telephone

Before touch screens and speed dial, making a phone call was a bit of a workout.


Watching Shows on a Black and White TV

Gen Zers use streaming services and smart TVs all the time, but baby boomers watched shows on black-and-white TVs with only a few stations.


Listening to Music on Vinyl Records

Before Spotify and digital files, baby boomers used vinyl records to listen to their favorite songs.


Writing Letters by Hand

In this age of instant messaging, it's hard to imagine having to wait for an answer for days or even weeks. But baby boomers used to write letters by hand and mail them to their friends and family.


Using a Physical Map for Directions

Before GPS and Google Maps, baby boomers used printed maps to get around. They would have to plan their path and stick to it carefully.


Going to a Drive-In Movie Theater

Baby boomers would pile into their cars and go to a drive-in movie theater to watch movies, while Gen Zers stream movies on their devices.


Using Encyclopedias for Research

Before the Internet, baby boomers had to look through thick encyclopedias to find information for school projects.


Having Only One Television in the House

Unlike homes today, most baby boomer homes only had one TV, and the whole family would gather around it to watch their favorite shows together.


Developing Photos from a Film Camera

Unlike digital photos, which can be seen right away, baby boomers had to wait to see their photos. They would use a film camera to take a picture and then send the film away to be processed.

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