11 Things Baby BOOMERS Enjoy Doing That Millennials HATE


Complaining About Modern Culture

Boomers always find a way to poke fun at modern society, whether it's music, art, fashion, or something else. Some boomers don't like modern society because they miss the past and don't like change.


Telling Long-winded Stories

Boomers don't like to get right to the point. Instead, they like to talk about every little thing that happened to them, like what their dinner plate looked like and what color their underwear was. 


Bragging About Their Past

Boomers are always telling millennials how great they are and how much they have done in the past.


Being Obsessed With the News

Boomers love to know what's going on in the world, and sometimes they get too caught up in the details.


Using Their Speakerphone

People not only have to deal with boomers telling everyone about their private lives, but they also have to do it in an absurdly high volume. 


Refusing to Use Technology

For every baby boomer who makes their calls so loud that everyone within 100 meters can hear them, there is another who just won't use current technology. 


Taking Close-Ups

When we say that boomers take close-up photos, we mean it. Boomers don't want people to see their whole faces because they want a picture that shows every freckle on their face.


Zooming in on Photographs

Boomers will not only take pictures that are really close up, but they will also zoom in on those close-ups, which is not very forgiving. 


Using Old Slang

Boomers have a hard time keeping up with the latest slang terms, just like they can't keep up with technology. 


Treating Waiting Staff Poorly

Many baby boomers think they are better than younger people and have a sense of superiority, which can make them rude to wait staff.

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