11 Ways You're Straightening Your Hair All Wrong

1. Skipping Heat Protectant

Never use heated styling tools without first applying a heat protectant spray to prevent heat-related damage.

2. Not Starting with Clean Hair

Straighten hair that is clean and dry to avoid trapping oils and grime, which can cause frizz and damage.

3. Using the Wrong Temperature

Adjust the temperature of your straightener based on your hair type. Fine hair requires a lower heat setting,

4. Overlapping Sections

Avoid reapplying heat to the same section of hair multiple times, as this can result in excessive heat damage.

5. Not Sectioning Hair

For comprehensive and uniform straightening, divide your hair into manageable sections.

6. Using Cheap Tools

For consistent results, purchase a high-quality flat iron with adjustable temperature settings.

7. Straightening Wet Hair

Never attempt to straighten moist or damp hair, as doing so can result in steam and sizzling, which can cause damage.

8. Straightening Too Often

Frequent hair straightening can cause hair to become brittle and damaged. Limit weekly hair straightening to a few times.

9. Neglecting Heat Settings

Adjust the temperature based on the condition of your hair. Reduce the temperature for thin or damaged hair and increase it for coarse hair.

10. Not Using a Comb

Before straightening, comb each section to ensure clean and even results.

11. Skipping Finishing Products

After straightening, apply a small quantity of hair serum or smoothing cream to add shine and reduce frizz.

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