4 Tips For Wearing Workout Clothing Over 60

Workout clothes are no longer just for the gym. People are becoming more aware of how important exercise is, and pandemic-era casual is becoming more popular. 

"Athleisure" means that you don't have to change after yoga class, and pants are a wardrobe staple that have nothing to do with fitness. 

We could almost forget that we wear our workout clothes to work out, but you don't want to jump on the machine in your jeans and boots.

If you're over 60, it's more important than ever to stay in shape, and good gear could help your workouts. 

1. Choose Comfortable, Practical Items.

Comfort is important at any age, but it's especially important for people over 60.

2. But make sure they're supportive.

Not everything that's easy for lounging around the house can also be used for working out. "You want to feel supported without anything feeling too tight or constricting.

3. Pay attention to fabrics.

Just like you wouldn't wear cheap sneakers to the gym, you shouldn't wear fabrics that don't let you move and sweat.

4. Assemble a workout wardrobe.

It's true that you'll be more likely to work out if you feel good in your workout clothes. Experts say that you should have a basic set of workout clothes.

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