5 Genius Hacks To Upgrade Your Costco Food Court Pizza

Costco's food court pizza isn't your average affordable pie—it's the stuff of legend among the retailer's devoted members

These cheese and pepperoni pizzas have been a Costco food court mainstay and one of the most popular.  Some Costco aficionados think

food court pizza isn't the best you'll ever eat. Still, most agree that the pizzas are good and a bargain for the price and convenience 

Some creative Costco customers have even invented ways to make food court pizza taste better, from special ordering to adding flavor

boosters at home. Some of these buyers have shared their secrets on social media, which benefits other Costco members.

Find five brilliant ways to elevate Costco's food court pies in our roundup of the best ideas. 

Costco members often complain that food court pizza crust is never crispy enough. In response, Costco members discovered a way to order complete

Order a well-done pizza by asking the food court worker to cook it longer. Reddit users said many Costco employees are happy to cooperate.

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