The 5 Rudest Things to Ask Guests to Bring, Etiquette.

When you go to someone's house, you should always bring a gift. This is one of the most important rules of good manners.

Often, a friend will just pick up something, like a bottle of wine, a delicious dessert, or a bouquet of flowers. But sometimes they will ask if they can bring anything.

And when you get this question, you'll want to make sure you're not breaking any unspoken rules. 

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1 An essential party element

Since you're the host, you should make sure that your event has everything it needs. That includes everything from the main course at a dinner party to a bottle of champagne at a New Year's Eve party.

2 Anything uncooked

On a similar note, you should never ask a guest to bring a food item that still needs to be cooked.

3. A specific type of alcohol

When you ask a guest to bring an item to your home, you don't get to nitpick which type they buy.

4. Something that makes them uncomfortable

Avoid any requests that could make your guests uncomfortable. For instance, not all guests should be tasked with the liquor store run.

5 Cash

Lastly, you shouldn't ask for money because there are better ways to get people to give money.


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