5 Shoes You Should Never Wear With Socks, Stylists Say

When summer comes and the weather gets hot, you probably want to find ways to make your clothes cooler in more than one way. 

On cold winter nights, socks are great because they let heat escape from our feet and legs. But that can be very annoying when it's hot outside. 

Over the next couple of months, it will be very important to find ways to keep up with fashion without hurting your feet.

We talked to stylists and foot doctors to find out what shoes will help you reach this goal.


Even though it may seem clear, wearing socks with sandals has become one of the most debated topics in the fashion world of shoes. Some people think they should never be put together, but others think it's a cool trend.



When it comes to sandals with straps, you should definitely not wear socks. And this isn't just about clothes.



Younger women are starting to wear ballet flats again. But you shouldn't wear socks, no matter how old you are when you do.

Ballet flat


When you wear regular socks with loafers, they can make the shoes look bulky, ruin the slim shape, and make your feet hot and sweaty.



This summer, you can and should not wear socks with minimalist shoes, barefoot shoes, or sock shoes. Most of these are actually "made so you don't have to wear socks" and are pretty tight.

Tight-fitting shoe


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