5 Simple At-Home Exercises To Keep Your Weight Down for Good

Not everyone has the courage to stick to a plan to lose weight. That's because losing weight takes focus, dedication, and making sacrifices.

And that's great if you're one of the few people who has put in the time and effort to reach their weight loss goals. 


180-degree Jump Squats

This lower-body move is similar to the classic jump squat, but it adds a 180-degree twist to make this classic bodyweight exercise more fun.


Alternating Lunges

Alternating lunges are a good leg workout that will help you burn calories and strengthen your glutes (buttocks), hamstrings, quads, and calves.


Squat Sprawls

This high-intensity movement is a unique way to incinerate calories and help keep weight off.


Spiderman Plank

If this sounds like you, the spiderman plank is a great way to live out your superhero dreams while toning your stomach and working your legs and glutes.



Surely you've done this basic strength-training move before. Research has shown that pushups are one of the best ways to tone your chest, upper arms, and shoulders.

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