5 Worst New Fast-Food Burgers To Stay Away From Right Now

A burger occasionally isn't unhealthy. However, fast-food restaurants occasionally release a burger that is worse than the usual (sloppy) Joe.

Look between the buns to assess burger nutrients. Red meat can increase excessive cholesterol and inflammation, although a single patty is harmless.

McDonald's plant-based option is only available in Texas and California. Many other fast-food companies have released plant-based burgers before McDonald's. 

"While the mayonnaise and slice of American cheese add some calories," Goodson, "the plant-based patty itself is hiking up the fat and sodium."

The new limited-time Whopper Melts from Burger King were well received. The smaller sandwiches have the sauce and everything you love about a BK stacker

"While it's not a huge calorie breaker," Goodson says, "half the calories of this burger come from fat, which is a lot."

This isn't surprising as this Sonic release's moniker includes "bacon on bacon" and "double cheese." This burger has two patties, two slices of American cheese

The Dairy Queen is expanding into burgers with this highly marketed Stackburger line. Don't worry—they're still dairy-loving.

Triple Bacon Two Cheese Deluxe 1/2 lb. Signature Stackburger has three beef patties, sharp American and white cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato

Again, the name doesn't suggest health. Hardee's Triple Bacon Beast Burger is dangerous for your health. This burger has three 100% all-beef patties

Goodson recommends Hardee's small cheeseburger or hamburger, a beef patty with dill pickles, ketchup, and mustard on a toasted seeded bun, for a healthier option.