6 Foods That Are Making You Sweat More

It might not be enough to say that this summer has been hot. Again, a dangerous heat wave is spreading across the U.S., and many parts of the country are seeing record-breaking triple-digit temperatures. 


But even if you're doing everything you can to stay cool right now—like flying with ice packs or staying inside with the air conditioning on full blast—your diet could still be making you sweat too much.


Hot dogs

Hot dogs are a summertime treat all over the country, whether you grill them at a Fourth of July party or buy one on the beach boardwalk.

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Potato chips

Before you grab a handful of potato chips at your next backyard gathering, remember that this snack is also a processed food with high sodium levels.

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There are few things more refreshing than coconut, whether that's in the form of fresh coconut water or something more indulgent, like coconut ice cream.

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Dark chocolate

If you're trying to enjoy a sweet treat while still staying on the healthier side, you might gravitate toward a little dark chocolate.

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Other sweet treats can increase your perspiration, too, regardless of their caffeine content.

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Chili peppers

This one might seem a bit obvious, but it bears repeating. And even if you're well aware that spicy food gets your sweat glands fired up, you may not know why.

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