7 Habits That Destroy Your Chances of Losing Weight

Bouncing around to different workouts

When you give losing weight your all and work hard, it can be a big letdown not to see physical effects after a few weeks. This could be because you are "bouncing around" to different workouts.

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Eating too many healthy snacks

It's never a good idea to eat too much of anything, and healthy foods are no different. Some healthy foods have a lot of calories, so it's important to watch how much you eat.

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Being chintzy with your sleep

The next thing on this list of seven habits that make it hard to lose weight is not getting enough rest. 

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Drinking alcohol

Having a glass of wine while watching a lot of reality TV is a fun thing to do, but don't forget that drinking can throw you off your fitness goals.

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Limiting calories

For weight loss to happen, you should aim for a daily shortage of about 500 calories. When you see that you're making progress, though, this calorie shortage number "can become obsessive."

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Not drinking enough H2O

You need to drink water as part of your plan to lose weight. Young says that there are two reasons why not drinking enough water can make you gain weight.

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Dining out or ordering in too much

Too often eat out or order food. This is a common thing that many of us do when we have a busy schedule, a lot of plans with friends, or just feel a little bit lazy.

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