7 Of Fall 2023's Hottest Makeup Trends

If you're unsure where to begin, don't worry; we've compiled some of the hottest makeup trends for autumn 2023. Let's plunge in.

Fall makeup trends

Begin with a neutral base, then apply a brown eyeshadow and conclude with lipgloss or a brown lipstick.

1. An Introduction To Latte Makeup

A dark red lip never goes out of style, but it is an autumn makeup must-have that we will never forget.

2. A Dark Red Lip

Fall is incomplete without a flawlessly blended foundation line. Often referred to as underpainting, this method eliminates foundation lines while smoothing skin.

3. Effortlessly Blended Foundation

There's not a better time to wear a dark-winged liner than in autumn. Several new techniques have also been introduced to the world of cosmetics.

4. Dark Winged Eyeliner

As the weather becomes colder, glossy and hydrated lips are a practical cosmetic trend.

5. Glossy And Hydrated Lips

Instead of opting for the traditional autumn eyeshadow colors of maroon, brown, and black, try out cooler hues such as lime green, purple, blue, etc.

6. Colorful Experimentation With Eyeshadow

Apply a paler shade of blush on top of the first, then set with a setting spray. You have successfully accomplished one of the fall 2023 makeup trends.

7. Hot Pink Blush

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