7 Style Tips To Look Like A Hipster Girl In 2023

Embrace The Boho

Hipster girl clothes are laid-back and cool, but if you want to take more style cues from the 1960s and 1970s, check out some boho choices as well. 

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Time To Go Vintage

Vintage shops are a favorite of true hipsters. Some people will even spend thousands of dollars trying to get the best authentic vintage pieces to finish their looks.

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The Power Of The Humble Shirt

Most people think of button-down shirts as work outfits and not as fashion, but we're here to show you how stylish they can be, especially if you want to look like a hipster.

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Find Hipster Clothing Stores

Don't worry if you don't want to shop for old items or if you want to add some modern pieces to your wardrobe. You can easily find stores that sell hipster-style clothes.

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Invest In The Right Shoes

Hipster shoes can be as casual as converse or as fancy as cowboy boots or flats. When it comes to trendy shoes, you have a lot of options, so think about what you wear and buy shoes that go with it.

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Try Out Hipster Make-Up Styles

Not all hipsters are known for wearing weird makeup. They usually don't change the way their face looks. This doesn't mean you can't wear any at all. Just keep your look simple and avoid bright colors.

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The Takeaway

To be a hippie girl, you have to mix style with attitude and look both casual and put-together. Try some of these ideas and see what works for you. Do you like the styles of boho hipsters more than antique ones?

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