8 Easiest Flat-Belly Exercises for Women to Do Every Day


If you want to stay in shape and improve your health as a whole, you should walk every day, rain or shine.


Squat to Box

The squat is a great exercise for burning calories and getting rid of fat. You can also do them every day, whether it's just a few reps or a full workout.


Hip Bridges

The hip bridge is a great way to tone your behind, strengthen your legs, and strengthen your core. This move also helps you stand up straighter, so your stomach won't stick out as much.


Band Pull-Aparts

To make your body better, you need to work on your balance. The band pull-apart fixes shoulders that are rounded from sitting at a computer or phone all day.


Jump Rope

Jumping rope isn't just for kids! This workout is great for improving your heart health and burning calories, both of which can help you lose belly fat.


Bird Dog

"Bird dog" is a great move with an odd name. It works your glutes and core and improves your balance and agility.


Band Bent-Over Row

Rows are great for burning fat because they work out a lot of muscles at once, which makes the body work harder. 


Band Good Morning

Banded good mornings are the last exercise on this list of the easiest daily workouts for women to lose belly fat and get in shape.


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