8 Habits That Could Add 24 Years to Your Life

1. Exercise.

working out can lower your risk of mortality by 46% when compared to individuals who do not engage in physical activity.

2. Stay clear of opioids.

The next healthy habit that lengthened individuals' lives was living an opioid-free life. The research showed that doing so lowered the chance of early mortality by 38%.

3. Live a tobacco-free life.

Living a tobacco-free life from the get-go can lower the risk of mortality by 29%, according to the research.

4. Manage your stress level.

Chronic stress is literally a killer. The study revealed that dealing with stress effectively can lower the chance of premature mortality by 22%.

5. Consume a plant-based diet.

A plant-based diet can increase your life by as much as 21%, the study explained.

6. Control your alcohol consumption.

Even a moderate amount of alcohol can put you at risk of death. Limiting your alcohol consumption can lower the possibility of death by 19%.

7. Get enough shuteye.

Sleeping well each night works wonders for your overall health. You should get between seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep in order to lower your risk of early all-cause mortality by 18%.

8. Surround yourself with healthy relationships.

Socializing with individuals who make you the best version of yourself (and give you a happiness boost) can increase your life by 5%, according to the study.

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