8 Polite Habits that Restaurant Staffers Secretly Dislike

Seating yourself

When the hostess is busy, you might want to just sit down to save her time. This might seem like a good idea, but it could make her job (and the work of the other servers) harder. 

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Not listening to the specials

We get it. You're at your favorite diner and you want the same old thing. But please don't talk when the staff is telling you about the daily deals and soups.

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Over-chatting with the hostess or server

We want to be nice, but if the room is full, we might not want to ask too many personal questions. A genuine smile and a good tip go a long way toward making someone feel valued. 

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Cleaning up after an accident

Oops! You accidentally knocked a glass of wine off the table, and you want to cause as little trouble as possible for the staff.

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Ordering from Another Server

Your waiter looks busy, so why not ask someone else for dessert or another appetizer? Because it can make putting together your bill very hard. 

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Pushing plates away when you’re finished

I've done this before, too. It seemed like a good way to get people to clear their plates, but it actually makes them harder to get to and makes the table a mess for everyone else.

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Ordering in a language you really don’t know

Your server would like it if you ordered your food the way it's written on the menu.

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Not “bothering” the staff

Tell your server if you want some water or coffee or if your soup is cold. Better to ask nicely than to get angry and leave a small tip.

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