8 Things To Say to Someone Who Is Depressed

1. "I'm Here for You"

Inform them that you are available to listen and provide support whenever they require it.

2. "You're Not Alone"

Remind them that many people face similar obstacles and that they are not alone in their struggle.

3. "It's Okay to Feel This Way"

Validate their emotions and reassure them that their feelings are understandable and valid.

4. "I Care About You"

Express your genuine care and concern for their well-being with the phrase "I Care About You"

5. "Let's Take It One Step at a Time"

Motivate them to focus on small, manageable measures to overcome their obstacles.

6. "You're Strong and Resilient"

Recognize their strength and resiliency in overcoming their melancholy.

7. "Have You Considered Professional Help?"

If they have not already, suggest they seek assistance from a mental health professional.

8. "I'm Here to Support Your Treatment"

Offer to accompany them to appointments or help them locate treatment-related resources.