8 Tips For Growing Grape Tomatoes

1. Consider Cultivars

Before you hop in the garden with seed packets in hand, first you need to decide what tomatoes you want to plant.

2. Plant When It’s Warm and Sunny

Tomatoes also need plenty of sunlight, so pick a location in your garden that gets six hours of full sun each day.

3. Switch It Up With Containers

Growing tomatoes in hanging baskets or containers is an excellent way to expand your gardening space.

4. Irrigate Tomato Plants in the Garden

If you grow grape tomatoes in your garden they need water just like your containers or hanging baskets.

5. Don't Forget to Fertilize

Fertilizing your grape tomato plants encourages them to produce scrumptious fruit. Amend the soil with fertilizer before you start cultivating.

6. Prune Suckers

Pruning suckers encourages your plant to focus on growing and ripening your grape tomatoes instead of producing excessive foliage. Suckers look like miniature stems with foliage.

7. Enjoy Your Harvest

Don't let their size deceive you, just because they are tiny doesn't mean you'll have a small harvest.

8. Eat Fresh or Freeze Them

You can eat your ripe grape tomatoes right away to enjoy a wonderful bite-size harvest or store them!

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8 Tips For Growing Grape Tomatoes

8 Tips For Growing Grape Tomatoes