9 Fun Things You Should Do This Halloween

Halloween isn't just about costumes; it's about creating memories. Here are nine activities to elevate your celebration.

Halloween activities

Grab a pumpkin and carve out your favorite designs, from scary faces to intricate patterns.

1. Pumpkin Carving

Visit a local haunted house or create your own spooky setup for friends and family to explore.

2. Haunted House Tour

Gather your favorite Halloween-themed movies, make some popcorn, and have a movie night.

3. Halloween Movie Marathon

Host a costume party where attendees make their outfits from items they already have at home.

4. DIY Costume Party

From ghost-shaped cookies to pumpkin pies, spend a day baking and decorating Halloween treats.

5. Bake Spooky Treats

Set up a campfire and share spine-chilling ghost stories under the starry night.

6. Ghost Stories by the Campfire

Transform your home or room with Halloween decorations like cobwebs, skeletons, and eerie lighting.

7. Decorate Your Space

Take a flashlight and explore your neighborhood at night, enjoying the Halloween decorations and ambiance.

8. Go on a Night Walk

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