A Shortage of Avocados Is Causing Prices to Skyrocket

Rabobank data. The demand for this mystical fruit has skyrocketed in recent years.

South American shipments help California supply the nation, but this crop had a rough year in 2021 and is currently affecting retailers.

If avocados are on your list, expect a lesser supply and almost double the price compared to last year. Haas avocados cost $1.50 on average, up from $0.99 in January 2021

One small avocado at his local H-E-B cost $0.52 last year and $0.91 this week, according to an Austin-based Axios writer. Similar things happen at other stores. 

According to Supply Chain Dive, supplier Limoneira told analysts that avocado output in California had been poor last year. Less rainfall in California means smaller fruits and crops. 

Avocados are more expensive for consumers and farmers. Soil and fertilizer prices are rising worldwide, especially in South America, where this popular fruit is imported. 

A California Avocados spokesman told Eat This, Not That! "Like many farmers, California avocado growers are facing increased water, labor, and other input prices.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture informed Axios that truck and manpower shortages in other industries (and supermarket and convenience

"The California Avocado Commission's 2022 pre-season crop projection for California avocados is 306 million pounds, which is a nearly 15%

increase over last season," a spokesperson said. In December 2021 and January 2022, rain helped the region recover from severe drought.