Can I Use Conditioner Without Shampoo? Or Is It A Bad Idea?

Coily or Curly Hair: 

Co-washing helps curly or coily hair because it's drier and needs conditioner.

Dry, damaged hair: 

Conditioner without shampoo can moisturize and repair dry, damaged, or chemically abused hair.

Sensory Scalp: 

Shampoos can irritate or dry the scalp. In such circumstances, conditioner alone may be scalp-friendly.

Oily Hair: 

Conditioner alone may not eliminate oil and product residue from an oily scalp, resulting in greasy hair.

Product Assembly: 

Conditioner-only washing can build up product on the hair and scalp, requiring clarifying shampoos.

Style Products: 

Conditioner alone may not remove gels, mousses, or hairsprays from your hair if you use a lot.


Look for "co-wash" or "cleansing conditioner" conditioners made for shampoo-free washing.

Focus on Scalp: 

When co-washing, thoroughly massage conditioner into scalp. 

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