Costco Could Soon Start Selling Fresh-Made Sushi

Costco customers may exult about huge bakery sweets, world-class steaks in the meat department, and "dangerously good" freezer

goodies. But not everything at the warehouse gets club members' admiration. Some products get the opposite response.

The club's sushi—or lack thereof—is often criticized. The internet reviews of Costco's pre-made uramaki-style rolls tend to degrade the already-poor

"It's literally some of the worst sushi I've ever had," remarked a Redditor. Instagram user compared it to "eating a hockey puck." A

Redditor said, "It's like the rice was put into a hydraulic press to form it into one hard gelatinous sheet and then cut into rectangles for the rolls

Another Instagrammer advised, "If they made it on premises it would probably be much fresher."

Costco may finally be improving its sushi reputation. One Reddit user saw a new sushi counter under construction at Costco's flagship warehouse in Issaquah, Wash.

The poster said, "When I asked a corporate-looking person by the sign to relocate so I could snap this photo, he said it'll be open in four weeks and it's the only one! So excited!"

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