Domino's Will Use AI To Help Make Pizzas

Domino's Pizza recently announced intentions to employ a generative AI assistant to assist in the preparation of pizzas. 

Domino's will serve more personalized orders and implement streamlined store logistics through a partnership with Microsoft Cloud and Azure OpenAI Service.

If you recall, Domino's developed an AI technology called DOM back in 2019. 

Before the employee could divide and package a freshly-cooked pizza, DOM would use its scanner to evaluate the toppings, cheese distribution, etc. 

Since then, the company has developed a number of inventive ordering platforms, such as text-to-order and Amazon's Alexa. 

And most recently, the introduction of Pinpoint Delivery, which enables pizza aficionados to have their orders delivered to nearly any location, including parks, baseball fields, and beaches.

While this new AI initiative will commence with the relaunch of Domino's website, initiating the improvement of the customer personalization experience.

"We must consider how best to leverage this technology to increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in our stores," Domino's Executive Vice President said. 

"We are expanding on how this new, rapidly evolving technology can significantly alter the online ordering pattern." 

Domino's is adopting this technology early because, according to Garcia, it is essential to be an early adopter and avoid falling behind. 

Domino's expects to begin implementing these AI-powered generative solutions in stores within the next six months, despite the project's anticipated duration of five years. 

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