Drink Coffee before bed? Your body reacts like this.

Coffee in the morning is like cream - we hear in one of the TikTok songs. Actually, if consumed at the right time, it gives us an energy boost and brings positive effects.

It's also commonly believed that drinking coffee before sleep is a very bad idea, because then we definitely won't fall asleep. What is the truth?

There's no doubt that a small black coffee adds energy, after all, it contains caffeine. If we drink it before noon, we are more eager to work and we are more lively. 

This effect does not disappear after 11:00 AM EST. Coffee in the afternoon boosts vitality. Often, subsequent sleep problems occur.

What impact does coffee have on sleep quality?

Caffeine works all day.  Caffeine works for six hours. We will have trouble sleeping if we consume a small black coffee late at night. Caffeine causes insomnia.

Study participants ingested 200 mg of caffeine at 1:00 AM and slept until 5:00 PM. 

They still reduced sleep and mental activity.

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