Eye Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Eye makeup can enhance or detract from your beauty. Let's explore mistakes that might age you and how to counter them.

Eye makeup mistakes

Thick, heavy eyeliner, especially on the lower lash line, can make eyes appear smaller and emphasize fine lines.

1. Overdoing Eyeliner

Sparse eyebrows can age you. Filling them in softly can frame the face and lift the eyes.

2. Skipping Eyebrow Filling

Using only dark shades can make the eyes look sunken. Blend with lighter shades for dimension.

3. Using Dark Eyeshadow Only

Skipping mascara can make lashes look sparse. A coat or two can open up and rejuvenate the eyes.

4. Neglecting Mascara

Without primer, eyeshadow can crease and fade, drawing attention to aging eyelids.

5. Not Using Primer

Too much concealer can settle into fine lines. Use a light hand and set with powder.

6. Over-Concealing Under Eyes

While shimmer can be fun, it can also highlight crepey lids. Balance with matte shades for a youthful look.

7. Avoiding Matte Shadows

With the right techniques, eye makeup can be your ally in looking youthful and vibrant. Avoid these pitfalls for a fresh and modern look.


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