Foundation Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Foundation can be a game-changer, but certain missteps can age you. Let's delve into these common mistakes.

foundation mistakes

Selecting a foundation that's too light or dark can create a stark contrast, making fine lines more noticeable.

1. Choosing the Wrong Shade

Caking on foundation can settle into wrinkles and pores, emphasizing them rather than concealing.

2. Over-Applying

Not using a primer can cause foundation to settle into lines, making the skin appear uneven and aged.

3. Skipping Primer

While matte can be chic, overly matte foundations can make the skin look dry and highlight imperfections.

4. Using Matte Formulas

Failing to set foundation with a light powder can cause it to shift, emphasizing lines and wrinkles.

5. Not Setting Properly

Using a foundation not suited for your skin type (e.g., using a dewy foundation on oily skin) can lead to a less-than-flattering finish.

6. Ignoring Skin Type

Visible foundation lines, especially along the jaw and hairline, can detract from a youthful appearance.

7. Not Blending Well

A mismatch between the face and neck can be a giveaway of age. Always blend foundation slightly down the neck.

8. Forgetting the Neck

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