Here are 7 Places offering Money To Move There

1. Maenza, Italy

The nation is in danger of losing its ancient rural hamlet culture since there are 5,800 communities in the country with fewer than 5,000 citizens, 2,300 of which are completely abandoned or very close to it.

2. Pipestone, Canada

Residential lands in Pipestone, Manitoba, Canada's rural municipality, are currently on sale for $10. Potential purchasers submit an offer with a $1,000 deposit and a signed contract.

3. Scottish Island

There are less and fewer people living on Scotland's over a thousand offshore islands, despite their vital role in the country's culture and history. 

4. Mankato, Kansa

If you like the idea of living in a little town in a rural area of a rural state, then you should consider moving to Mankato, which has a population of roughly 900 and is located in a county with around 3,000 residents.

5. West Virginia

The program would pay $20,000 to anyone who uproots their lives and moves to the Mountain State. The first component of the reward is a cash payment of $12,000, with no conditions attached, with $10,000 paid out in the first year and $2,000 in the second. 

6. Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you buy a home in Tulsa and meet the requirements, the city will give you $10,000. Assuming a median home price of $205,000 in the city, this lump sum would be sufficient for a 25% down payment.

7. Vermont

For those who meet the requirements, the state of Vermont will pay for their relocation costs up to $7,500.


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