Jack In the Box Is Opening 123 Restaurants In 4 New States

Your moment has arrived, Jack in the Box enthusiasts. 123 new eateries will debut soon in four new states for the San Diego-based firm.

A successful year (possibly due to a smart social media staff) will bring Jack in the Box to Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and Wyoming. One of the biggest burger companies in America, it has 2,200 locations in 22 states.

Chief development officer Tim Linderman remarked "The response in new markets, for both brands, has continued to exceed our expectations."

"We have a solid plan for entering new areas, and franchisees interested in joining our famous brands see the possibility for whitespace development and backfilling our present regions. "

Jack in the Box distinguishes out in a congested fast-food industry with its innovative and affordable offerings. The restaurant is famous for its bite-sized soft tacos loaded with meat and veggie protein and served with a creamy avocado dipping sauce. 

Also available are (very) curly fries, stuffed jalapenos packed with cheese and deep fried, huge egg rolls with pork and vegetables, and micro cinnis, warm, gooey cinnamon buns with frosting.

Jack in the Box announced 22 Mexican locations, marking its first international growth. As of 2023, Jack in the Box has no intentions to grow to the Midwest or East Coast, where it closed hundreds of locations in the 1970s owing to financial issues.

Del Taco, Jack in the Box's sister Mexican restaurant, will open 138 US outlets. Del Taco has 600 locations in 16 states. Over 3,139 Chipotle and 7,8000 Taco Bell establishments operate in the US.

In addition to tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas, Del Taco serves burgers and fries.