10 Ways to Increase Your Flexibility Outside of Yoga Class

Create a Stretching Routine

You probably aren't surprised that stretching came in first place. It's the best thing you can do outside of yoga to get more flexible.


Practice Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching is a way to stretch that involves making the same moves over and over again to improve flexibility and range of motion. 


Practice Static Stretching

Part of your stretching routine should include static stretching.


Stay Hydrated

To improve your flexibility, stay adequately hydrated.


Add Heat

Warm muscles are more flexible than cold ones, which is why people are told to do static moves after working out.



Your yoga practice has taught you the importance of mindful breathing. The same concept applies to stretching.


Determine Your Weaknesses

Most people have some parts of their bodies that are stiffer or tighter than others. Find these spots on your own body, and when you stretch, pay extra attention to them.


Be Gentle

Pay attention to what your body tells you. Hold the position where you feel pressure. You should feel tight, but you shouldn't hurt.


Get Regular Massages

Massages can help you become more flexible if you get them often. Find a massage expert who knows how to give sports massages.


Remain Consistent and Be Patient

It can be upsetting to feel like you can't do yoga as well as you'd like because you're not flexible enough. But change won't happen quickly, just like most things in life.


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