McDonald's Is Giving Away This Item for $1 Tomorrow

When McDonald's offers significantly discounted, almost free menu items again, people rejoice. This one has a personality questionnaire to reveal your Mickey

One day only on April 27, the company will give away 6-piece Chicken McNuggets for $1. To determine your McNugget style, take the Chicken McNuggets 

Creative Type: You invented McNugget hacks. McNuggets were added to your sandwich before cooling. IYKYK.

Sauce Superfan: McNuggets with dipping sauces. You enjoy flavor exploration.

Shape Connoisseur: You prefer certain McNugget shapes. You presumably consume them in a certain order.

Sharer: You love McNuggets. You order them as a side and main to share with friends and family.

The company may also be reintroducing certain fan favorites while offering drastically reduced nuggets. Mickey D's

may bring back the Snack Wrap, like it did with the Szechuan sauce. According to the company's Tweet from last week, we hope so.

"Bring back _____" the chain wrote last Thursday, encouraging followers to list their most-missed goods. The Tweet received tens of thousands of likes,

Some popular answers? The beloved Snack Wrap, BTS lunch, and All Day Breakfast are missed. Watch what McDonald's does with this data.