Scary Things To Dress Up As For Halloween

Halloween is the time to embrace the spooky spirit. Here are some terrifying costume ideas to consider.

Halloween costumes

Drape yourself in white sheets with hollowed-out eyes. Simple, yet always eerie.

1. Classic Ghost

With tattered clothes and gory makeup, channel the undead for a truly horrifying look.

2. Zombie

Sport fangs, blood-red eyes, and a cape. Don't forget the blood dripping from your mouth!

3. Vampire

A pointed hat, green makeup, and a broomstick will transform you into a classic Halloween sorceress.

4. Witch

Wrap yourself in bandages, leaving some parts loose for added effect. A touch of makeup can give a decayed look.

5. Mummy

Red eyes, horns, and dark robes can make you look like you've just risen from the underworld.

6. Demonic Entity

With porcelain-like makeup, Victorian attire, and a blank expression, you'll send shivers down spines.

7. Creepy Doll

Craft an illusion where your head appears to be carried under your arm, leaving everyone in shock.

8. Headless Figure

Dress up as iconic characters like Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, or Michael Myers for a recognizable scare.

9. Slasher Film Villain

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