9 Things Boomers Need to Stop Saying to Millennials

“Take Whatever Job You Can Get”

Boomers may think they are being realistic when they tell Millennials to take any job they can get, but this can come off as insensitive and tone-deaf. 

“You’re Too Young to Understand”

Millennials grew up during a time when technology was changing quickly and people had more access to information than ever before.

“Why Are You Still Renting?”

Since the Boomer generation, the housing market has changed a lot, and Millennials are more likely to rent than to own a house.

“Stop Wasting Time on Social Media”

Social media is an important part of Millennials' lives because it gives them a place to connect with others, learn new skills, and even find work.

“You’re Too Picky”

Boomers may think that Millennials are too picky and should be more open-minded when looking for their dream job or the perfect partner.

“You Don’t Have Any Respect”

Boomers often think that Millennials don't respect authority because they don't follow standard rules of etiquette and don't bow down to them. 

“You Should Just Get Married Already”

The Boomer group had more kids and got married younger than the Millennials. Boomers may wonder why they aren't getting married or if they ever plan to get married. 

“Just Work Harder”

Boomers may think that Millennials don't have enough work ethic and should try harder, but this ignores the fact that Millennials face different problems than Boomers did when they were young.

“That’s Just How The World Works”

Boomers may be used to the way things are, but Millennials aren't afraid to question old ways of doing things and push for positive change.


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