The 8  Best Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Long and soft

One of the best hairstyles for women over 40 is long hair with a slight wave since it looks well on almost everyone. 

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Chin length with texture

Brown suggests asking for a few thin layers all over to make the most of this cut. This will add texture and depth to your style.

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Bob with waves

"This haircut doesn't need much style because its shape does all the work. Even if you let it air-dry to avoid damage from heat, it will still look great.

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Sleek bob

The best hairstyle is a sleek bob.This is a standard haircut with clean lines that will never go out of style. You can wear it at any age, and it will make your face look better.

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Classic pixie

Pixie cuts are always fun, and they don't require much care for women who are always on the go.

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Modern pixie

A standard pixie cut is short and has some texture. This short haircut for women over 40 can be updated by leaving the top a little longer so that it can be tucked behind the ears.

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Jane Birkin fringe

This outfit is a tribute to Jane Birkin, a French singer from the 1960s and the namesake of that famous Hermès bag.

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Updated bowl

"A bold power cut that is edgy and chic is a fun cut for a strong working woman who wants a cool-but-put-together look."

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