12 Boomer Trends Millennials Crave to Disappear!

Fax Machines and the Art of Instant Messaging: Millennials can't imagine a time when "instant" contact was done through fax machines. 


The Boombox Obsession - Music on the Go: The boombox age was marked by loud bass and big cassette players.


The Polaroid Charm- Instant Gratification in Hand: Remember the good old days of Polaroid cameras and learn why Millennials love how easy it is to take pictures with their smartphones.


Cassette Tapes -Personalized Music Sharing: Learn how to make mixtapes and how online playlists have changed the way Millennials share music.


Encyclopedias - A World of Information at Your Fingertips: Go back in time to a time before Google, when encyclopedias were prized items.


Answering Machines - Missing Calls, Missing Out: Learn about the change from answering machines to constant connectivity and how Millennials value instant conversation.


TV Antennas - Tuning In for Entertainment: Find out how the popularity of on-demand streaming services among Millennials has changed the way TV antennas are used.


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