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What to Wear as a Wedding Guest in Winter

What to Wear as a Wedding Guest in Winter

Braving the winter chill to celebrate a loved one’s wedding? Don’t despair! Winter weddings can be magical, with sparkling fairy lights and a cozy atmosphere.

But what to wear?  Fret not, fashion friends! This guide will help you navigate the world of winter wedding guest attire, ensuring you stay warm, stylish, and ready to celebrate.

Considering the Venue: Setting the Stage for Your Outfit

The first step to conquering winter wedding guest style is understanding the venue.  A rustic barn wedding calls for a different approach than a glamorous ballroom celebration. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Formal Venues:  Ballrooms, high-end restaurants, and grand hotels often require a more formal dress code. Think floor-length gowns, elegant cocktail dresses, or dressy jumpsuits.
  • Semi-Formal Venues:  Smaller venues, art galleries, or lofts often allow for a semi-formal look. Opt for knee-length dresses, dressy separates, or a jumpsuit with a statement jacket.
  • Casual Venues:  Outdoor weddings, rustic settings, or daytime ceremonies might have a more relaxed dress code. Consider dressy pantsuits, midi skirts with sweaters, or a festive jumpsuit.

Be Warm and Be Stylish: Embracing Winter Fabrics

Winter weddings are all about embracing cozy fabrics that keep you warm without sacrificing style. Here are some winter-friendly fabrics to consider:

  • Velvet: Luxurious and elegant, velvet adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.  A velvet dress or a jumpsuit in a jewel tone is a perfect choice for a formal winter wedding.
  • Satin:  Satin adds a touch of glamour and pairs beautifully with other fabrics like lace or chiffon.  A satin midi skirt with a chunky knit sweater creates a chic and warm look.
  • Wool Blends: Look for dresses, skirts, or pants in wool blends that offer warmth without the bulk.  A wool crepe dress or tailored wool pants are both polished and practical.
  • Sequins:  Winter weddings are a great occasion to add some sparkle!  A sequined top paired with a sleek black skirt or pants is a festive and glamorous option.

Finding the Perfect Silhouette: Flatter Your Figure and Stay Warm

Let’s talk silhouettes! Winter is the perfect time to embrace long sleeves, flowing fabrics, and higher necklines to stay warm while looking fabulous. Here are some silhouette ideas:

  • The Long Gown:  A timeless and elegant choice for a formal winter wedding.  Opt for a dress with sleeves or a higher neckline to keep you warm.  A fitted silhouette or an A-line cut are universally flattering.
  • The Cocktail Dress:  A knee-length dress is a versatile option for a semi-formal wedding.  Look for dresses with long sleeves, interesting necklines, or statement details to add visual interest.
  • The Jumpsuit:  Jumpsuits are a modern and chic option for winter weddings.  Choose a jumpsuit in a luxurious fabric like velvet or a festive print to make a statement.
  • The Skirt and Top Combo:  For a more versatile option, pair a dressy skirt with a warm sweater or a statement top.  This allows you to adjust the warmth level by adding or removing layers.

Color Crush: Choosing Winter-Appropriate Hues

While there are no hard and fast rules, some colors naturally lend themselves to winter weddings. Here are some ideas to inspire your color choice:

  • Jewel Tones:  Emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your winter wedding outfit.
  • Winter Whites and Creams:  A classic and elegant choice, perfect for a formal wedding.  Pair a white or cream dress with sparkly accessories or a statement necklace for added pizzazz.
  • Metallic Touches:  Gold, silver, or bronze add a touch of glamour to your winter wedding attire.  A sequined top in a metallic hue or a dress with metallic details is a festive option.
  • Rich Neutrals:  Black, navy blue, or dark gray are always chic choices.  Elevate a neutral outfit with pops of color in your accessories or with a statement jacket.

Winter Wedding Guest Attire: Putting It All Together

Now that you have a foundation in fabrics, silhouettes, and colors, let’s get creative and put together some winning winter wedding guest looks!

  • Formal Fairytale:  For a black-tie wedding, embrace the drama with a long velvet gown in a jewel tone.  Keep accessories minimal and elegant with a pair of statement earrings and sparkly heels.
  • Sparkling Semi-Formal:  For a semi-formal wedding, steal the show in a sequined skirt paired with a sleek black turtleneck.  Add warmth with a cashmere wrap and black pumps for a touch of sophistication.
  • Cozy Chic:  For a more casual winter wedding, stay warm and stylish in a wool crepe midi skirt and a chunky knit sweater.  Accessorize with tights, ankle boots, and a statement necklace for a touch of personality.
  • Festive and Fun:  Embrace the winter spirit with a festive jumpsuit in a bold print.  Choose a jewel tone or a floral pattern and pair it with simple black heels and a clutch for a touch of elegance.

Accessorize Wisely: The Finishing Touches for Your Winter Look

Accessories can elevate your winter wedding guest outfit and add a touch of personality. Here are some tips:

  • Warm Up with Wraps and Shawls:  A faux fur wrap or a cashmere shawl is a stylish way to stay warm during the ceremony or outdoors.  Choose a color that complements your outfit.
  • Sparkle with Jewelry:  Winter weddings are a great opportunity to wear statement jewelry.  A bold necklace, chandelier earrings, or a chunky bracelet can add some pizazz to your look.
  • Tights and Shoes:  Tights add warmth and can change the look of your outfit.  Choose opaque tights for warmth or patterned tights for a touch of personality.  Heels add elegance, while booties offer a more casual vibe.
  • Clutch Comfort:  A small clutch is a practical and stylish accessory for a wedding.  Choose a metallic clutch for a touch of glam or a velvet clutch for a luxurious feel.

Embrace the Season: Winter Wedding Guest Style with Confidence

Winter weddings can be truly magical celebrations.  By understanding the venue, choosing warm and stylish fabrics, and putting together a well-coordinated outfit, you’ll be the chicest guest there – even in the cold! 

Remember, the most important accessory you can wear is confidence.  So, embrace the winter season, celebrate the happy couple, and have a blast!

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